Vino 100 Dallas
Dallas, TX

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2909 McKinney Ave.
Suite A
Dallas, TX 75204


Give the Gift of Choice!

Give the Gift of Choice!
A New Way to Buy Wine ...
Simply ... Based on Flavor and Body
Best Wine Bar Winner!

Clint Brookshire - Co-Owner
"I really wanted to create something that had my personal touch. More than just a beverage, wine is an overall experience that I have come to enjoy and have learned many new things from. I admit wine can be very intimidating, so one thing we strive to do here at Vino 100 is to take out the pretension and help customers understand and appreciate the enigma that is wine."

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Garnett Brookshire - Co-Owner
Garnett says leaving the banking industry and going into business with his brother was a no-brainer.  This TCU graduate and private pilot is proud to be pursuing two of his many passions: wine and entrepreneurship.

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Denise Jones - Wine Director
There's no doubt about it, Denise Jones is passionate about wine. The history, mystique, and flavors tell a story and the intrigue is contagious. In spring of 2006, Denise received her first accreditation through the Court of Master Sommeliers.

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